Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Photos from the Jacksonville Half

After seeing these, I've really got to work on taking off some pounds!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jacksonville Bank half marathon report

December 21, 2008

I drove up to Jacksonville Saturday with Susan. We left around 11 am, made a couple of stops, and arrived around 3:30. Our first stop was the running store to pick up our bibs, chips and goodie bags. Took a look in the store and ended up buying a 26.2 training shirt and a box of special mint chocolate flavored Gu.

It took us a while to figure out what to do for dinner. I ended up ordering some pasta to go from Chili’s. Had a quiet night at the hotel and surprisingly got a good nights sleep. The beds at the Embasy Suites are very comfortable.

Got up at 4:50 Sunday morning and made some coffee. After having coffee and a breakfast bar, we made sure we had everything, then headed downstairs to the bus. The bus trip to the start was pretty quick. We got in line right away for the porta-potties. Hung out in the gym for a while, then got back in line for the porta-potties again. By then it was time to head to the start of the race. This is where I made a big mistake. I decided to try the new Gu. I never have these things before a race! It tasted great, I thought I would be ok. I lined up between the 4 hour and 4:15 pace group. I figured I would try to stay with the 4 hour runners until we split from them. The temp was around 60 with high humidity. Not the best of conditions, but I’ve been in worse.

The race started pretty much on time. There wasn’t a huge crowd, so I was able to move along pretty smoothly. Pretty much right away, I could feel the Gu not sitting well in my stomach. I just tried to push it out of my mind and keep running. My first 6.5 miles went great. I had kept pretty close behind the 4 hour group and was feeling good when we parted ways. My time for 6.5 miles was 1:01:08.

I stayed feeling pretty good until about mile 9. My stomach was not feeling so hot. Maybe the combo of Gu and then half a bag of sport beans (at mile5) did not go well together. By mile 10 I was feeling pretty bad. Stomach was very upset. I wasn’t even going to try and eat the rest of the sport beans. So the last 8 miles of the race I just had water. This is when I really slowed down. I took a short walking break here and had to take a couple more before the end of the race. About a half a mile before the finish the path went off road onto dirt, then grass field, then a very rocky road (which did not feel good on sore feet!). Finishing the last 100 yards on the track was awesome. Just before the finish line I pulled ahead of the woman who had been in front of me! My finish time was 2:11:01. Not what I wanted, but a few minutes better than my November finish.

There was lots of water, bananas and bagels at the finish. After eating the banana and stretching a little, I headed to the bus pickup. Got right on and about 15 minutes later I was back at the hotel. Took a shower and rested a while before heading back out to the finish to watch my friend come in after running the Marathon.

It was a long drive back home. But I felt pretty good all afternoon, just tired.

I would recommend this race. It had good post race food and drink. But only for the half marathoners, not much left for the full marathoners. The shirts are the nice dryfit kind. The host hotel was comfortable. The only issue we had was that checkout was at noon. My friend didn’t finish until after that time and they wouldn’t give us a late checkout. The race flyers said there would be showers open at the school after the race, but the doors were locked. So my friend had to clean up in the sink of the bathroom before our 4.5 hour trip back home.

Chip time: 2:11:01, age group: 55 out of 106; 662 out of 1101 total half marathoners

Friday, December 12, 2008

Half marathons I've run:

Disney Princess Half Marathon, Kissammee, FL, March 8, 2009
38 (age); 2:20:12 (time); 10:27 (pace); age group: 430 out of 1211; 1995 out of 6150 finishers.

Clearwater Halfathon, Clearwater, FL January 18, 2009
38 (age); 2:18:22 (time); 10:34 (pace)

Jacksonville Bank Half Marathon, Jacksonville, FL, Decmeber 21, 2008
38 (age); 2:11:01 (time); 10:00 (pace)

Blue Moon Half Marathon, Palm Harbor, FL, November 2, 2008
38 (age), 2:14:45 (time)

Sarasota Half Marathon, March 2, 2008
37 (age) 2:06:51 (time), 9:36 (pace), Age group: 66 out of 185 runners.

San Francisco Half Marathon, July 29, 2007
36 (age), 2:16:35 (time), Place overall: 2526 out of 4924. Women: 1173 out of 2767. Age group 30-39: 412 out of 926

Sarasota Half Marathon March 4, 2007
2:07:40 Age group: 35-39, 125 runners. Placed 60th
Naples Daily News Half Marathon January 20072:19:59( 13.25 miles)

Naples Daily News Half Marathon January 21, 2007
Time: 2:20:17

Florida Gulf Beaches Holiday Halfathon, Madera Beach, FL, December 2006
36 (age), 2:21:08(time), 10:46(pace)

Florida Gulf Beaches Halfathon, Madera Beach, FL, December 2002
32 (age), 2:13:20 (Time) 10:11(pace)

Verizon Wireless Half Marathon, Tampa, FL, December 2, 2001
Time: ?? (need to find this)

Latin Half Marathon, Lakewood Ranch, FL, November 11, 2001
Time: ?? (need to find this)

Florida Gulf Beaches Marathon , Clearwater, FL, January 2001
30 (age), 4:24:20 Jennifer Feurtado Kevin Horan ( Kevin ran the first half, I ran the second.)

Silicon Valley Half Marathon, San Jose, October 29, 2000
29 (age); 2:04:45 (time); 9:30 (pace)

Max Bayne Half Marathon, January 2, 2000
29 (age), 2:05:59 (time)

Disney half marathon, Orlando, January 1999 - PR
28 (age), 2:04:05(clock) 2:03:17 (chip time) 9:28(pace) 50 out of 363 in age group

Nokia Sugar Bowl Mardi Gras Half Marathon, New Orleanes, 1998
27(age) 2:08:18(time) 9:47(pace) 523(overall place)

A new blog, a new WL start

This is my second go at a blog. I started one months ago about my love for running half marathons. They seem to me to be the perfect race. A real challenge without leading to a major burnout. The last few weeks I have been thinking about pushing myself a little more and thinking of switching from a planned Feb. 15th half to the full! It seems like the perfect time for it. It's a local race, I know the course well, there will be pacers, my husband and son can get to the course and cheer me on and I can bring my ipod with me.
I am also making a commitment to eating right, even while marathon training! I need to lose these 20 pounds that have been hanging on for far to long.