Saturday, February 26, 2011

Beauty and the Beast Royal Family 5K

Epcot, FL February 26, 2011

This race was all about Aidan (my 7-year-old son) and keeping to a good pace for him to finish the race.

We got to the parking lot about an hour before the start. I gave Jodi( a friend from the WW marathoners group) a call so we could meet up. We hung out with Jodi and Kevin for a little bit before heading over to the start line. Aidan and I got in to the 11 to 13 minute per mile area.

Soon enough we were off! The huge crowd kept us from starting out to fast. Aidan was kinda frustrated with all the people blocking his way though. The first mile was mostly through the parking lot, but miles 2 and three were both through Epcot. We had numerous walking breaks, but they were quick and Aidan was soon ready to run again. We stopped for photos twice, when there were only a couple of people waiting. Some lines had at least 10 people in them!

When we reached mile 3, Aidan asked if he could run all out. I told him to go for it. He passed at least 20 people as his speedy little legs ran to the finish line. That was a very fun race. We have already talked about running it next year. Hopefully I'll be able to run the Princess half the next day too. :)

Aidan's finish time: 36:56
I was about 10 to 15 seconds behind him. :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cupid Shuffle 10K

American Red Cross Cupid Shuffle 10K, Tampa, FL
February 12, 2011

Amy and I headed out early for this race. It was a little over an hour drive up, so we left at 5:15 am. Registration opened at 6:30 am and Amy needed to register still. We got off on the correct exit and drove for a few miles but couldn't find the place where the race was being held. So we turned around and drove back to ask directions at a Circle K. Amy was told that we had to go the same direction we had been heading! We did find it and got a parking spot across from the registration area.

We got there way to early. They were still getting the registration set up even though it was after 6:30. So we hit the bathrooms in the clubhouse then came back out. I got my bib, t-shirt and goodie bag and Amy got registered. The webiste said it was chip timed, but the volunteers at the tables didn't know anything about it. We took our stuff back to the car and then settled in for a while to wait for the race. The 5K racers started at 8 am, so we got out to watch them start and cheer them on. We had one last porta potty stop and then headed to the start line. There were only about 50 people running the 10K. Most were running the shorter race. This is one of the smallest races I've ever run. It was super cold out, low 40s, so I pulled out the valentines long socks that Amy had given me that morning and put them on my arms. I was styling. :)

The race got started on time and we were off! I had no idea of my pace for the first two miles since I couldn't see my Garmin (covered by the sock). But I just went with what felt good. My legs felt a little stiff from the cold, but other than that I felt good. The entire course was on the road through the gated community and the road was brick. Not good on my legs, but I managed OK.

Mile 1: 9:07
Mile 2: 9:15

The socks came off after mile 2. It was still cool but the sun was out in force now. As we ran by the start again at the 5K, I got my first drink of water, tossed the socks onto the front of my car and carried on. The runners were very spread out now. There were only a few in my general area. One woman in a pink top passed me around mile 4. I thought she would be a good one to try and keep up with and pull ahead of. I ended up pulling past her at the water stop at mile 4.5.

Mile 3: 9:26
Mile 4: 9:39

Mile 5 and 6 were a little harder. I could feel my muscles tightening up like they have been latley. ITBand on my right leg was feeling tight too. In the last mile I did get passed by two guys and one woman, but managed to stay ahead of the pink shirt lady until the end! :D

Mile 5: 9:39
Mile 6: 9:23

Garmin time: 58:03

I can't believe I got 2nd in age group (40 to 49) with that time. That's what's good about small races I guess. :)
Congrats to Amy who got a PR for the 10K!