Wednesday, June 29, 2016

SUP & Run - second annual event

May 21, 2016

I can't believe it's the end of June and I haven't posted about this awesome event yet. I thought I had, until I checked my page. :)

This was the second time for the event and the second time for me doing a run and then SUP. The run is first, so I got my borrowed board (thanks Gina!) set up on the beach, with my hydration pack, paddle and toe shoes on top. All participants start at the same time, so Run & SUPers start as the same time as the 5K runners and SUP only participants. Once I got going on the run, I had to hold back, so that I wasn't super tired, when I got to my board. It's not easy holding back in a 5K, when everyone is going all out! It was cool to see the SUPers out on the water, next to the run course. I got to cheer on Jackie a couple of times.

Once I got back to my board, I tried to quickly take off my shoes, put on the toe shoes, hydration pack, before grabbing my paddle and board, heading for the water. It's a quick, steep drop off, so I was up on my board right away.

The course changed direction this year. We paddled straight out to a big bouy, then took a sharp left turn, to paddle counter clockwise around the lake. I could tell that my lack of training was going to be a factor. I just didn't have the speed that I had last year. It was awesome to see some of the veterans from Operation Second Chance out on the water. Paddling with one arm, or only one leg.  Even though I was slower, I had a great time on the water. Taking that last turn, heading back to the beach, was great. I could see friends on the shore, cheering for me. Once I hit the shore, I dropped the board, carrying my paddle, for a dash across the finish line!
Super happy to have finished second in my age group!

Time: 1:23:54

Looking forward to next year. I will train for it this time! :)

Love my Skirt Sports! Top: Exhale Bra Tank
Skirt: Gym Girl Ultra - Tantrum print