Monday, February 24, 2014

YMCA Ground Hog Jog 5K

February 1, 2014
Lakewood Ranch

I decided early in the week leading up to the race to run it, even though I was still recovering from my last marathon. I got a comp entry, so why not? :)

That's me on the front line, next to J.B.

Me, Jen, J.B. and Gina
There was a smallish turnout for this race. The usual speedy people were not here, so I had a good shot at an age group placement! There were a lot of younger kids lining up near the front of the start line, so I went ahead and got right in front. I don't usually do this, but I didn't want to trip over any kids when they decided to just stop running about a quarter of a mile in! Once we got going, I soon realized the folly of starting at the front, I was running way to fast! I slowed down a little, to get my breath back. Gina passed me, so I dug in and caught up to here. We had a long stretch of road leading from the YMCA, to a new housing development. We turned right into the development, then followed the road around and through it. Very strange to be running through the neighborhood with only a few houses actually built. We had one small out and back section. I was able to see Gina, who was now behind me, and also see that I had a good lead on anyone looking to be close to my age. I felt pretty good the first two miles, but definalty felt myself slow down a little in that last mile. I did manage to pick up some speed again on that last straight, leading to the finish. No PR, but I did manage to get Overall Female Masters Winner!

Finish - 24:44