Thursday, September 29, 2011

Running Skirts

I love running in skirts! Pretty much all I run in now. Skirts sports "Happy Girl" and "Happy Hour" (grey skirt on the right)styles have always worked the best for me. Since I am taller and suffer from "chub rub", I need a longer skirt with longer shorties underneath. The skirt sports brand does it for me.
I used to wear the Running Skirts brand, but would have to add longer compression shorts under to cover more of my legs. This morning I decided to try out the Running Skirt (white print on the left) during a short run to see how I did with it. The run went pretty good! The skirt (athletic stye, slightly longer than their normal style) is still a bit shorter than I feel comfortable with, but the shorties under did not ride up. The best thing about this brand is that they have lots of fun prints to choose from. I might be adventurous and wear this shorter skirt out more in the future. :)