Sunday, December 26, 2010

Manatee River 5 mile run

Saturday, December 26, 2010
Palmetto, FL
Last race of the year! :)

A great run! Not my fastest 5 mile race, but I am happy with it. My hips were very sore and painful yesterday. I went to bed thinking maybe I shouldn't go to the race. But I got up this morning and they felt a bit better. I think the massage Friday made me sore! She pressed hard on those trigger spots.

It was very windy this morning. 18 mph and gusting to 35! Temp at 50. The course was on paved roads and trails. The trails felt great under my legs. :) We had a brief glimpse on the Gulf and the Skyway bridge in the distance before running the last 1.5 in.

It was chip timed, but no starting line mat to read them. I was stuck behind a lot of walkers, so lost about 10 seconds at the start. I should have started further up but I didn't want to block any of the fast runners. This was the RRCA 5 mile state championship race also. The guy who won ran it in 25:29!!

Unofficial time (watch): 46:53.
splits: 9:19, 9:30, 9:42; 9:26; 8:53! (most of the wind behind me on the last mile ;)
Official time: 47:02.
7 out of 20 in age group. overall: 184 out of 334


  1. Great race! I can't believe someone did a 25:29 - that's SO fast!

  2. Great seeing you yesterday. I enjoyed meeting and speaking to you.

    Here is my review: