Sunday, July 3, 2011

Firecracker Triple - 4th of July Weekend

Stars and Stripes Half Marathon, Beaverton, OR
July 2, 2011

I had a great time running the first of three half marathons this morning. Met lots of fanatics, maniacs and another Team Marathon Bar member. And of course I got to meet Ruthie from the WW Marathoners Board! I was chatting with a couple of people when I see this woman holding up a big sign that says "go jenna" I say "hey that's my name" and start walking over there. I then notice Ruthie HOLDING the sign! :) It was great of her to come out for the race. She ended up going to get her camera from home while I was running my third lap. She was like my own personal race photographer!

I ran 3/1 intervals during this 5 lap course, so that I wouldn't be tempted to run too fast. :) I started out wearing my waist pack, but decided to drop it by my car as I ran by it after 2 laps. Each lap was a little over 2.5 miles, so I figured getting water once each lap would be enough and it was. I kept a pretty fast pace for the first 4 laps during my running portions, then I slowed it down a lot during the 5th and final lap.

Although it was a course that we had to run 5 times, I didn't get bored with it at all. It was fun to see familiar faces many times on the course. There were lots of shady parts and also stretches were you could enjoy some of the sunshine.

I stretched out a lot after the race, so I think I'll be ready for tomorrow's Freedom Half marathon! My time was slower than normal. 2:19, but I am cool with that. It's not about the time, it's all about getting to MARS status in the Half Fanatics! :D
Time: 2:19:50
18th out of 51 overall

Freedom Half Marathon, Greshem, OR.

July 3, 2011

The Second half marathon of the weekend is done! A lot cooler this morning. I ran 3/1 intervals again today. I felt great going into the run, but by mile 2 I felt hungry! I realized I probably didn't eat enough yesterday, specially low on carbs.

First 7 miles went by at a good pace, about the same as yesterday. Around mile 7.5, I sped up to try and catch the green light at the cross street (there were 2 busy streets we had to cross each way). I made it, but I used a lot of my extra energy for that surge. I started to feel very light headed and began sweating even more than normal. I walked a little bit then tried to run again, but got dizzy again. So I decided to walk to the next water station that was about a half a mile further. I got there, ate 2 cliff blocks, drank water and then walked a little more. I did start running again, but kept the pace slow. This worked and I kept the slow pace going for the rest of the run.

This was an out and back course on a rails to trails paved path. Because the race was so small, at times, it felt like I was the only one out there! Interesting sight of the day. Two big peacocks. One with it's feathers spread out. Pretty impressive. :)

Lots of great food at the finish. I don't normally eat after a race, but I got a plate and put chips, hot dog and beans on there! Plus 2 pieces of watermelon. Did I mention I was hungry? :)

Time: 2:26:09
32 out of 59 overall

Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon, Sauvie Island, OR
July 4, 2011

What a beautiful morning for running a race! Temps in the 50s with clear skies. I got to the start area super early. I couldn't sleep, so decided to head out early and get a good parking spot. It gave me plenty of time to finish my pre race organizing in the car before heading over to meet with other runners competing the Triple. We had a group photo taken for the maniacs/fanatics and then for all those running the Triple.

I made one last trip to the car to get my mp3 and drop off my coat before heading to the start. I set up my garmin for 2:15/1 intervals because I figured my body was tired, so I wouldn't push it. Well, the race started a bit late, so when we got going, I realized my Garmin had set back to watch mode! I crossed the starting line and then set my watch back to intervals while running slowly.

I skipped the first interval because I wanted to let the crowd thin out a bit before taking a walk break. After the first few walking intervals, I realized I was feeling pretty good, so decided to run 5:30/1 and then go back to 2:15/1 for a while. I ended up running most of the rest of the race at 5:30/1 intervals because I was feeling so good and not pushing the pace while running.

During the race I had a chance to talk to fellow fanatics Marie and Stephanie for a little bit before they ran on ahead of me when I walked. They both had great races too. this race was pretty flat. I was amazed because it was in hilly Oregon! I took my endurolytes and Cliff blocks right on schedule, which also helped me to have a good race. Plus, I didn't hold back on eating yesterday!

I was so happy to come into the finish and see the clock at just over 2:16! The fasted time I had of all 3 races! I got my medal for the race and then found Steve (race director for the Triple) and got my special Firecracker Triple medal also. I enjoyed a yummy Strawberry Shortcake (minus the cake) after stretching out in a grassy, shady spot. I also remembered to eat my Marathon Bar protein bar soon after finishing too. Recovery eating is important!

Time: 2:16:20; 62/113 age group; 979/1639 overall; 535/1068 female overall

Thoughts on the Triple:
I went into these races thinking I could definitely run them, but did worry about injury. I think what helped me the most was making sure I ate and hydrated properly during the runs and after. I wore compression sleeves on my calves during the races and I wore my Saucony recovery tights each night.

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