Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bill's Beer Run Casey Key, FL October 30, 2011

I had a great time at my 5 mile race this morning. I crushed my previous PR by 5 minutes and got 4th in my age group.

I got to the race site super early, because the parking lot (at the beach) is small and I wanted to make sure I got a good spot. I hung out in my car for about 40 mins and then met up with my friend and we hit the bathrooms. Lots of friendly faces at this race, so we chatted with people for the next 45 minutes until the race start. A lot of my ragnar team was there dressed up as 80s fitness stars. Suzanne Sommers, Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons and Suzanne Powers.

A guy sang the National Anthem and messed it up big time. I felt so bad for him, but he tried to recover and we all gave him a big cheer at the end. All of a sudden the gun went off. I hit my watch about 8 seconds after the official start (so my official time is a bit off). I felt really good going out. I had to weave through a bunch of people, but soon had some good space. I made sure I didn't start to far back today because I knew I wanted to go for that PR.

Mile 1- 7:55

I was surprised when I saw my first mile time! Even though I felt good, I thought maybe I should pull back a little, but ended up keeping pretty close to the first mile pace. There was a water stop at mile 1.5. I grabbed a cup and tried to drink a little without stopping. I got a little in my mouth and a lot on my hand. :)

Mile 2- 8:06

Starting to feel the hard pace here, but seeing all the runners coming back my way kept me going. Soon I see speedy Renee and yell out encouragement to her. She is about the 10th woman heading back. I hit the turn around and I’m happy to start seeing people on the other side of the road behind me. I see Gina and she tells me to keep up the pace. With that encouragement and seeing all my competition behind me, I keep at it. Just before mile 3 I finally pass and leave behind this speedy little girl. I was wondering if this 10 year old was going to stay with me the whole way! She was fast.

Mile 3- 8:14

I spot a woman in an orange tank top and decide she is a good one to try and pass. Before we get even a half a mile down the road, I have past her. Still feeling good, but decide I should slow it down a little so that I have something left at the end.

Mile 4: 8:19

I pick out an older guy in a bright green shirt to pass next. I gradually gain on him and end up passing him before getting to the water stop. Again I grab a cup of water and try drinking it without stopping. It slightly wets my throat. :D Not so good at that. Now I start to notice my bottom lip is going numb. This happens to me on cold, windy days sometimes. I think it’s a combo of being hot and sweaty and then getting a cold blast. The last quarter mile was a little scary because my top lip was also starting to go numb. I was breathing deeply, so it wasn’t lack of oxygen. As I was about to finish, I could hear a guy just to my back left. He tried to pass me at the end, but I got across the line just before him! Once I stopped and drank half my bottle of water, I felt much better and my lips went back to normal. I stood on the sidelines and watched some of my friends come in.

Mile 5- 8:14
Total: 5.04 miles in 41:08

I hung out for a long time to find out the race results. They gave awards 10 deep in age groups! I thought I had a chance of placing. I ended up with 4th in my age group. A few of my friends placed in their age groups too. It was a great day for a race!

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