Saturday, July 27, 2013

Top Gun Triathlon

July 27, 2013

Me and Carolyn before race start.
Just a quick post about this race. It's a great race, very well run, lots of volunteers. I was not feeling it today. 

Swim (440 yards): Ug, why was my swim 3 minutes slower than last year! It was pretty choppy this morning. I had a hard time moving in the correct direction. I felt like I was getting tossed all over the place. Every time I would look up to see where I was, it didn't seem like I had moved very far. The men in the wave after mine, caught up to us just before turning around the last buoy. I was just trying to survive out there for the last bit of the swim in! Transition included the run up the beach and through the parking lot. Time - 11:30; T1 - 3:54
Bike (10 miles): I felt pretty good on the way out, but once we turned around and made the turn to the north, hitting the wind, I slowed down a lot. Just wasn't feeling it today. I could have pushed harder, but just didn't. I watched for friends already out on the run portion, yelling out when I saw someone. I realized if I was doing that, I probably didn't have my heart or head in the race. Time: 31:55; T2 - 1:35
Run (5K): The run started out great. My first mile was under 9 mins. Once we got off the sidewalk and onto the sand, I slowed way down. It didn't feel like I did, but I looked at my watch when I got to mile two and saw that it was a 10 min mile! So, I tried to pick up the pace a bit. I did manage to pass at least 5 women in my age group during the run. Passed one woman just was we got into the parking area and headed to the finish. Time: 29:59
Finish - 1:18:55
Not sure what lead to the funk I was in today. Maybe it was the heat (80s at start), lack of speed work, working out to much during the week, or the low calorie diet I've been on for a month. Possibly all were factors. Need a new plan for the next tri at the end of August. 

24 out of 55 in age group

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