Tuesday, October 6, 2015

261 Fearless

With all the excitement of training and getting ready for the Chicago Marathon this weekend, I now have more exciting news to share. I've been named as a 261 Fearless ambassador!

Kathrine Switzer leads this great movement. The mission statement is this:

to bring active women together through a global supportive community – allowing fearless women to pass strength gained from running and walking onto women who are facing challenges and hence sparking a revolution of empowerment. 261 is the symbol that unites us as empowered runners and walkers.

This is a mission statement I can get behind! I look forward to inspiring others as well as being inspired!

For more information about the 261 Fearless movement, and where the 261 number came from, click on the icon to the left of this blog post.

#261Fearless #261runner #befearlessbefree

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