Saturday, November 21, 2009

Meeting Kathrine Switzer at Women's Half expo

Drove up to St. Pete late Friday afternoon for the expo. It was held in this really cool old hotel building called the Vinoy. Picked up the bib, which came in a really nice reusable bag. Lots of sample goodies inside. There was a new timing system attached to the back of the bib. Race morning you peel it back and wrap it around your shoe laces.
Next I went to the other room to pick up my shirt and free pink Crocs. This is the room with all the different vendors. It was small, but they all had things geared to women. I got a new waist pack that I was told is waterproof. It is like the Spi belt, has an elastic waist and sits low on the hips.
On my way out I spotted Kathrine Switzers booth. She was there signing and selling her book “Marathon Woman” I got up the nerve to talk to her. Told her I had her book at home, so she signed her business card for me and told me to put it inside my book. I had my photo taken with her and then she gave me a hug and wished me luck. I left feeling pretty good and pumped up for the race!

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