Sunday, November 22, 2009

Women's Half Marathon race report

I got to my friend Karen’s house at 5:45 am. We drove up with her husband and son who were going to ride their bikes on the course to cheer us on.
I was feeling pretty good this morning, but worried about the heat. We had a light sprinkle before the race started, which I wouldn’t have minded at all if it stayed around the whole race. I had on my new waist pack, which fit great. Didn’t really notice it at all. I had my ipod, drivers license, credit card and some cash in there just in case.
The race got going at 7:30 am. There were a lot of runners, but didn’t have to much trouble with having to weave in and out. The first few miles felt great. I thought my pace was ok, not to fast, so I figured I’d keep at it as long as I could. It didn’t last long. After 4 miles the top of my right thigh was very tight and hurting.

Mile 1: 9:19
Mile 2: 9:25
Mile 3: 9:38
Mile 4: 9: 38

I slowed down my pace in hopes that it would help my leg feel better. No such luck. At the mile 6 water station I walked a bit, then pulled to the side to stretch and use my fist to massage the muscle. It helped for a bit, and I was able to run a mile without much problem. After that it started hurting again. So at mile 8 I stopped and stretched and massaged my leg.

Mile5: 10:04
Mile 6: 10:08
Mile 7: 10:58
Mile 8: 10:51
Mile 9: 11:13

After drinking water at mile 10, I realized that I was having an issue with drinking too much water and it not really helping at all. It was starting to slosh around in my stomach. Not a good feeling. This happens with me on hot days. I need to figure out a better solution. I probably needed something more than just water. I had tried one hammer pill at mile 6. I don’t think the one did much good.

Just as we got to mile 11, we ran through the parking lot of the Tampa Bay Rays stadium. We ran into the stadium and did a lap around the field. It was pretty cool. It would have been great if they let spectators in there to cheer us on. It just felt great to be out of the sun. Oh yeah, the full cloud coverage had been missing for a few miles, which didn’t help the heat factor. At this point I had been taking a walking break every mile. I took my last walking break a bit after mile 12. I had also noticed that the garmin distance was not the same as the signs on the road. I was hitting the miles before the signs.

The last mile felt very long. I couldn’t wait for the finish line to come. At least the last mile had lots of cheering people, which helped me a lot. Just as I got to the mile 13 sign, I noticed I was at 2:19. I had wanted to finish in under 2:20, so I started to push it. I crossed the finish line in 2:20:07. Garmin said I’d run 13.29 miles, so in my book, I finished a half in under 2:20.

Mile 10: 11:12
Mile11: 11:31
Mile 12: 12:06
Mile 13: 11:23
Mile .29: 8:45

I got the coolest medal. It is round with a small charm in the center that can come off and be attached to a chain. They had a booth at the finish were people would help you take off the charm to add to the chain (which they sold at the expo). They had plenty of water and Gatorade. I don’t like the lemon-lime, so didn’t have any. Drank 3 16oz waters very quickly. Then I drank an IMix drink. It’s a protein recovery drink that is pretty good. They also had a cookie station. I had a couple of those two.

I think this was a great race. The course was very pretty, most of it along the waterfront. Great medals and gift items. I plan on running it again next year, just hope for cooler weather.

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