Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Run with the Nuns 5K
January 28, 2012
St. Petersburg, FL

I don't normally run a short race like this when it is so far away (about an hour), but I loved the name of it. I was really hoping to see a few nuns out there running in their habits! Only one nun that I could see and she was on a bike, leading the runners, once we started.

I went into this race thinking I would like to make a respectable finish time. I had been sick all week. I still felt a little stuffy and my stomach was still a little upset.

I arrived a little over an hour early, the kids race was first, so I wanted to get there early for packet pickup and to find parking. I hung out in my car, enjoying my coffee, after picking up my goodie bag. The shirt was very cute and it fit!

About 10 mins before race start, I hit the bathroom one more time and then walked over to the starting area. The last of the 1 mile runners were running by, so everyone gave them big cheers. I lined up with everyone and soon we were off!

The race was run mostly on the roads in this large park. We ran out, turned to the right, ran through a parking area and then turned right again. We ended up running a big circle, passing the spot were we had started. We ran through the parking area again, but this second time we turned left. About a mile and a half into the run, we left the road and ran the next mile on a trail that was part dirt, grass and leaves. I kept my eyes on the ground, looking out for tree limbs. I was making pretty good progress up until this point. I think my time slowed down a little on the trail. I like the cushion of trails, but I like the traction on roads to help me go faster. :) At about mile 2.5, we ran back onto the road, passing the start line once again. We ran another half circle before reaching the finish line.

Overall I am very happy with my race. I could feel the effects of the cold. Even though I was dealing with that, I still had a great race. Only a few seconds off my PR! Amazingly I got 2nd place in my age group too!

Garmin time: 25:36
Official time: 25:38

Splits: 8:09 (mile 1), 8:24 (mile 2) ,8:23 (mile 3), 0:40 (.1)

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