Friday, November 1, 2013

Chick- fil-A 5K

Pt Charlotte, FL
October 5, 2013

After my effort a couple of weeks ago at the Miles for Hope 5K, I decided to look for a flat 5K, in hopes of another PR. Last weekend, I found this race and decided to give it a try even though I was going to be doing a triathlon the next day.

Race morning was great. Temps in the low 70s, but the humidity was still a bit high. I got to the race site early, got my shirt and bib and packet, then headed back to my car to wait. I headed over to the race start about 10 minutes before the start.

The race start area was a bit congested. I noticed that, while we had chips for timing, the gun start was going to be everyone's start time. So, I got as close to the start as I thought would be ok. Just before the horn sounded. A women brought her two little kids up to the front. What a bad idea! As we started running. I looked over at her to see she had both kids by the hand while she tried to run with them. I'm surprised they didn't get run over! We made our way out of the parking area and onto the main road. We now had a good amount of space to spread out. I kept the pace fast, really wanting that PR!

We turned off the main road, into an undeveloped subdivision. It was strange seeing all these new roads, but no houses anywhere! Just past mile one, this woman passed me. I noticed her, because she passed by with just an inch to spare and then moved in front of me. I get doing that on a tight course, but we had the entire road to ourselves! I basically was chasing her down for the rest of the race. As we came out of the neighborhood, I started really gaining on the woman. About half a mile from the finish, I pulled up next to her. She looked to her side, sees me, and then speeds up. I stayed on her tail as we ran back into the parking area and towards the finish. She ended up pulling ahead of me even more, passing another woman, to finish. I came in a step after the other woman. I stopped my watch just as I ran under the banner. Time: 25:59!

I found out later that the first woman, ended up with first place masters. The woman who finished just ahead of me got second and I got third! A great race. Very happy. :)

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