Friday, January 9, 2009

18 miler

The run today was hard! The weather was great. Sunny and mid 50s when I started. Low 70s when I finished. I didn't get started until almost 9 am. I don't normally run so late. I went to run in this area that is usually pretty shady, but the city had gone through and clipped back alot of the trees over the sidewalk. bummer! I used some of the chi running principles today. It felt really good and the first few miles were easy. I had to slow myself down! stopped to get water at the CVS just before mile 11. Filled up all my bottles then poured some on top of my head. yowza! by mile 12 I decided to take a short walking break while eating sport beans. by mile 14 I needed to take a .25 mile break every mile. but even with that my miles where around 13 mins. so not to bad. If I can keep that up in the marathon I should be able to finish just under 5 hours. The other issue I was having was that the water wasn't giving me enough to help the thirst. I need to look into taking in salt maybe?

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