Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Training update

My marathon training is going along great. I ran 16 miles last Saturday. The first time I have run more than 14 miles in many years. The only issue I had was not having enough water. Need to take all 4 water bottles with me on my waist pack and carry money just in case I need to run into a store to buy more. I think I have the fuel figured out. Half a bag of sport beans every 4 miles.
I did wake up Sunday morning with a pain in my sciatic nerve. It was pretty painful for a few days, but I used the roller on it last night and that seemed to ease the pressure in that area.
I've got an 18 miler planned for Friday morning. Will not get started until after I drop my son off at school, so it will be lunch time before I am done! But by running on Friday, I can go home after the run, shower, eat and then take a nice long nap. :)

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