Sunday, January 25, 2009

I made it through the 20 miler.

Friday night was rough. Both my hips were hurting. :( The advil wasn't even helping the left side. I had to sleep on my back because laying on my side hurt to much. So, I didn't get a very good nights sleep prior to the big run. I wasn't even sure I could run in the morning, but when I woke up, I was able to walk with out much pain, so figured I would try the run.
Got up at 4 am so that I could get an early start and run a good chunk before the sun came up. Took me a while to get moving though, so I didn't get started until almost 5:30 am. Temps were mid 40s, so I wore my long sleeved tech shirt and running pants. I am glad I did because just before sunrise the temps were close to 40 degrees and I was cold! Once the sun came up I warmed up quite a bit.
This was the slowest run ever! Even in the early miles I was moving slower than I normally do. Oh well, just happy to have finished! I had to take some walking breaks every mile once I hit 12 miles. 20 miles in 4:11.
I think my fueling plan worked well. I had 4 bottles of half water/half G2 and 3 packs of sport beans. Beans every 5 miles. I refilled the 2 bottles with water at the bathroom at mile 14.
The rest of the day was rough. Everytime I got up from the chair was painful.I had to shuffle not being able to lift up my legs much. Today is much better, but still stiff. The massage I have scheduled for Tuesday should feel good.
I am wondering if I am in shape for this run, but now that I have passed the 20 mile run, it's down hill until the race. So, I'll get some time to heal and hope to be ready for the race in 3 weeks!

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