Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Augusta Training report - 3 weeks out!

We made it up Ice Cream hill. Again!

Week 14: September 5 - 11

For Labor Day, Carolyn, Wendy, Roxy and our took our bikes up to San Antonio, FL, for one last long, hilly ride before the race. We got started at around 7:15, just as the sun was starting to rise. After a few miles, Roxy decided to turn around, because she wasn't feeling well. The 3 of us had a great ride! I'm feeling stronger on the up hills and a little more fearless on the downhills! We needed 50 miles, so we had to add on to the normal 43 mile route. The add on section, that was recommended was scary! Lots of cars and a curvy, hilly road. We got rained on during the last few miles, But, finished strong!
Tuesday morning, I got up early, and ran 4 miles before work. Just took it easy, at a recovery pace. I wanted to swim after work, but that got canceled, so I went for another 4 mile run. I actually felt better on this second run of the day!
Wednesday, I got in my longest swim yet, 2200 yards. Just over the amount I will swim at the race! Yes!
Thursday: After work, I took my bike out for a 17 mile ride. I decided to add my long run after the ride, so that I could "sleep in" until 6 am, the following morning. I was not prepared water or nutrition wise for this! I ran 5 miles, without water. I felt OK. I meant to have a Gu or something, when i got back to the store, but I forgot! I did grab water, before heading out for bridge repeats with the training group. The last 2 miles where rough! I ate a cliff bar when I got back, but I still felt like I was in a daze as I drove home. Not good on my part!
Friday: Rest Day!

Saturday: Life's A Beach Triathlon, Extreme event! My fifth year doing this race. The RD added a double course extreme version for the 5th anniversary event. That was a tough workout! 500ish yard swim. 11.7 mile bike and 4.5 mile run (in the deep sand!)
Sunday: 45 mile bike ride and then a 6 mile run. What a week of training! That was a lot, 3 weeks out! Time to scale it back a bit. :)

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