Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Augusta Training report

Week 12 – Aug. 22-28
Feeling great, coming off of an awesome weekend of training. School started on Monday, for Aidan, so I got in a quick swim after work, so I could be home just after he got home from his first day. Pool swim was just over a mile in 43 minutes. Tuesday, I went to an early morning spin class at Cyclebar. Wednesday, I got up early to run 4 miles, then after work, I got in a 20 mile bike ride, before heading to the baseball field to get Aidan signed up for the Fall season. Thursday, pool swim after work (1.14 mile in 45 minutes), just before the rain hit. Then, I headed over to Celery Fields after the swim to meet the Fit2Run training group. 4.5 miles of trails and hills. Friday was a rest day, plus Aidan and Kevin’s birthday!

Weekend:  Saturday was our highest mileage of bike miles yet! 60 miles! And then a 2 mile run. We parked at the Publix on Honore, and headed south. Super hot out today. Even more so than last weekend. I was sweating like crazy on the bike. Almost finished my 4th bottle of Tailwind mix. We had lots of shade for the run, so I felt ok.  I got home, went straight to cleaning the house, before Aidan’s friends came over for his birthday party/sleepover. Sunday, Carolyn and I met at 5:30 am, on Siesta, for our 14 mile run. As soon as my alarm went off, I knew it wasn’t going to be good. I felt exhausted! I think I did way to much the day before and didn’t hydrate well after the workout.  I felt horrible during the entire run. I finished, but it was very slow. The heat and humidity, didn’t help at all.

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