Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Augusta Training report - 4 weeks out

Week 13 – Aug 29 to Sept 4
I started the week off with a massage after work on Monday. I felt so great after. All day, I had been feeling burnt out from the training. The massage really helped. I was going to take it easy with the training group that night, but the cooler weather that had moved in, pushed me to a faster pace. Felt good! Tuesday was another early morning Cyclebar workout. 5 mile run on Wednesday, half of which was in the gym. I saw lots of lightning in the sky, when I hit one mile out, so I headed home. It was still looking bad at mile 2, so I got in my car and drove the half a mile to my gym, to finish the run on the treadmill. Boring! Thursday, at the gym again. Storms are bad. I used the spin bike, that is off to the side of the gym. I tried to do some of the sprints and hill climbs that we do in class. Managed a 30 minutes. Did 10 minutes on the rower, then lunges and upper body weights. By Friday after work, most of the bad weather had passed. I was able to get in a swim after work. 1.14 miles in 45 minutes.  The same as last week! Saturday, we changed our long bike ride plans, because of the storm. I met Carolyn and Roxy at the Cyclebar, for a 1:05 hour long ride. It was nice to sleep in! Sunday, was the Mermaid Day 10K. I ran 4 miles before the event began, then had a nice and easy paced, 10K run.

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